Research & Education

2019 Southern Oregon Grape Symposium Presentations

Larry Williams on Nutrition
Levin and KC on Red Blotch
Gordon Jones on Nutrition
Stan Grant on Nutrient Management
Garcia-Jaramillo on Biochar
Luca Brillante on Plant Soil Water Relations
Nichole Schulte on Smoke Impacts

Crop Insurance: To learn more about the possibility of insuring your winegrape crop, please see this document: CROP INSURANCE.Grape Fact Sheet

Immigration issues:  The following documents are provided to help you and your employees navigate the new immigration climate 2017

SBLC. ICE Raid Instructions

Red Cards

KIND Know Your Rights

IDP Know Your Rights

Executive Orders on Immigration Advisory

DWT – Impact of Trump Immigration Policies on U S Employers 4-26-17

AILA Know Your Rights